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Individual Grazing Cups - $16/ea

Our Charcuterie Cups are perfect for those looking for an easy and delicious catering option. Perfect for cocktail hours, office parties, or lunch gatherings, the cups are wrapped individually for convenience.


With a minimum order of 15, you can ensure all your guests will be satisfied with this delicious and unique catering option.

Includes: 1 type of cured meat, 3 kinds of cheese, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, veggies, 1 honey stick, pickled, crackers, and garnish.

Individual Grazing Box - $26/ea

Perfect for picnics, as a gift, date night, thank you, social distance gatherings, wine tasting, corporate events, corporate gifting, appreciation, and more! 

With a minimum order of 6, this 6x6 box will impress your guests.

Includes: Salami flower, 2 artisan cheeses, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, 1 oz of honey or jam, pickled, sweet treat, and crackers. *Vegetarian available

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